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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Usual Suspects

I apologize for the messy display.  The main photo which was displayed on here (for years) was a chemical structure.  And now it's Edvard Munch's well known painting, The Scream.  With insanity in my URL, it fits.

I also apologize for the lack of older posts. I know what questions most people have: DOS? WTF? Indeed. I must admit, I personally believe that it's not serious.  It's not the US DOS. It's my state's DOS-- a bit repetitious, but governments do enjoy their acronyms.   What happened was... A person of questionable qualities (moral, logical, etc.) decided to contact my state's DOS, borough of state licenses with a false complaint.  To the best of my knowledge, my blog posts were "snippet-ed" together in a false manner, simply to make me look like a really awful person.  I have not seen these snippets, even though it's been 5 months since the report was filed.  The DOS had/has to look into it, of course.   The posts are still here; They are simply unpublished.   Not only do I find previous posts non applicable at this point, I don't think it's wise to provide any fake fuel to the proverbial fire.  I DO feel a bit guilty for not getting the records/reports (I'm extremely curious as to what they say, however) and for not signing the appropriate release of information sheets and all of that BS.  However... It's not my problem reverberates constantly in my mind regarding this. The whole episode is only inconveniencing to multiple people.  I imagine that the DOS will find the false complaint as exactly that, and be done with it, just as I am.  Onto relevant things:

My interest in the fringe entities of life still persists.  Cults, benzos, pseudoscience. How and why did I become interested in and involved with such things?  In a strange yet predictable way, they mesh together. I simply asked:  Who the hell are all of these seemingly crazy people?  At any rate, I stumbled into this:

Anti-anxiety Drugs Successfully Treat Autism

I'll withhold my opinions of whether that seems like a rational treatment for the meantime because that's not the point.  The question is:  Are these people everywhere?!  Keep in mind, this was figuratively stumbled upon.  No Google search alerts, what have you.

March 19, 2014, 9:31 PM

Benzodiazipines are NOT safe nor indicated for long term use. There is a huge population of Benzodiazipines users that experience severe neurological side effects that can be very long lasting. Please, do a lot of research before prescribing any psychiatric medication to a child. Check out resources like: The Ashton manual, The council for evidence based psychiatry based out of England, and Benzo Buddies.

Here you will find these psychiatric drugs can eventually create more dysfunction than was normally present, and that is when the drug merry go round begins. Great for big pharma, bad for the individual, and in this case, the individual is a helpless child.

March 21, 2014, 5:58 PM

Addiction to benzodiazipines make heroin addiction look like a walk in the park. Withdrawal symptoms can occur after only two or three weeks of use, and can last for months or even years; even when weaned off gradually. And that is not even considering the myriad side effects.

Was this a study conducted by the pharmaceutical industry?

March 22, 2014, 11:24 PM

I agree with many of the others who have commented - treating anxiety with benzodiazapines is not a good idea for anyone, let alone children with autism. Check out and for more on how bad they are.

There are so many better ways to deal with this. Check out Julie Matthews' work with nutrition for autism

There are a host food-based and nutrient approaches for anxiety: eating real whole food, removing gluten/sugar/caffeine, optimizing digestion and figuring out if there is a need for probiotics, assessing for nutritional deficiencies and supplementing with zinc, GABA, tryptophan, magnesium etc.

There is so much research supporting this. Here are just a few blog posts
Trudy Scott, Nutritionist and author of "The Antianxiety Food Solution"

They seem to arrive to various sites like a swarm of gnats.  And if I hear GLUTEN FREE one more time when it doesn't apply to Celiac disease or a proven allergy...  Ugh! Because I can't possibly be the only person who is irritated by this fad.

How's my random stumble for bizarre?  I'm not linking any of Trudy Scott's wooish (not to mention sexist and ageist) web links.  But oooh, the fodder to contemplate... and explore!  There are multiple mentions of and, but I have not heard of the verbosely named group The council for evidence based psychiatry based out of England.  Or, CEP for short.  Que pasa with that group?  I wonder... Will there be any links between CEP and the usual woo meets mass hysteria groups and/or its typical people?

It appears so.  The #2 result for CEP in a Google search is (gasp) Robert Whitaker's website Mad in America.  Whether the book was commissioned by Scientology, no one is quite sure, but many people tend to think so.  The book, and the website are extremely anti-psychiatry, at the very least.

Without much surprise, common characters.  According to CEP's website at and

Luke Montagu
Earl of Sandwich
Baylissa Frederick

(I was called some version of retarded by one of the above, and I'm pretty sure I was threatened with a lawsuit by another's attorney... Oh, blogging, how I missed you!)

Also, there are mentions of the typical 'support sites', like beyondmeds and, among others.  Does Whitaker's MAI have links to Scientology's CCHR?  Any other connections?

Just some food for thought.  It's loaded with gluten, MSG and caffeine... and clearly it's delicious.

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